Who Are We?

Webbifi was founded over 8 years ago by two individuals dedicated to a common dream: to help change the way that people view both the internet and IT as an industry. With over fourteen years of professional IT consulting, web design, software development and multimedia experience, our goal is to help our clients develop both short and long-term strategies to use technology and the internet to advance their business.

Webbifi knows how important it is that a website or application properly represents a company or individual. How many times have you come to a company's website and chosen not to give them your business based on the quality or functionality of the site? More often than not, this is a reflection of a lack of communication between the IT company and the client.

This is why we take pride in forming personal relationships with our clients - so that we can represent them as accurately as possible on the web. Service is of utmost importance to us; we pride ourselves on giving the same quality service to our clients that we would expect from a company. We are not finished with your website or application until you are completely satisfied; the best feeling for us comes not from a check in our pocket, but from knowing that through technology, we have simplified your business processes and helped your business compete (or lead!) in the market.

Bottom line is: successful custom IT solutions take creativity, quality service, and a personal relationship with a client. It's the company that combines these variables that will stand the test of time by giving companies what they want and deserve.

What Do We Value?

We here at Webbifi Designs dedicate ourselves to the following principles of conduct:

  1. Provide clients with solutions that meet their needs. We will never sell clients anything outside of these needs, nor advise them to implement anything they aren't ready for.
  2. Establish warm, trusting, personal relationships with our clientele so that we can represent them as accurately as possible.
  3. Empower clients with the knowledge to make our products work for them. We will never put distance between our clientele and our product with industry buzz-terms or incomprehensible language.
  4. Give the same quality service to our clients that we would expect from a company. Through this quality service, turn our clients into our best salespeople.
  5. Take pride in supplying original ideas and dynamic solutions to every client we serve, no matter how large or small.
  6. Establish a warm, friendly, open environment for our staff to grow and flourish - not only as employees, but as individuals as well.
  7. Establish a work environment that promotes growth through the constant learning of new skills.

Our goal is to create a corporate culture of above-average customer service and exceptional work. We strive to achieve this through positive employee experiences - Happy employees mean happy clients!

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