Web Development and Software Development

From a simple login page to complex content management systems, Webbifi can create a wide range of both web based and desktop software to simplify the way you do business. Our custom designed software is designed to centralize business processes and corresponding data, thus increasing productivity within your company and decreasing long-term costs. Simply put: you should be working ON your business, not IN it!

Some of our core competencies include:

  • Architecture
    Many businesses have the desire to create a custom software application but need help making the idea into a reality. Webbifi's software architects can help your company translate that idea into an application model which can then be used to create the actual application.
  • Business End User Portals
    Managing the data for your clients internally is one thing. But allowing your clients to administrate and view their own data from your website is another. Webbifi has the expertise to build your company a custom gateway that easily and securely provides your clients information you want them to have access to. Portals can be created for almost any type of application, from an off the shelf to a custom proprietary business application.
  • Content Management Systems
    It's important to keep the content on your website fresh and updated. Webbifi can create for your company an administrative application that allows staff to update content on the website at their convenience.
  • E-Commerce/Dynamic Product Catalogs
    It's important to give your products and services visibility on the internet. Whether through a product photo gallery or a listing of services, we can create or upgrade your website so that it provides your clients with not just visibility but the ability to purchase those products or services directly from your website. Whether you want to sell one product at a time or desire a shopping cart, Webbifi can create the interface you desire for allowing your clients to purchase your products. Moreover; we can create the backend necessary for secure payment processing.
  • Software Integration
    In today's world many companies use more than one software package to manage their business's needs. Webbifi can help automate your business, to your expectations, by creating logic and software that allows separate applications to communicate to one another.
  • Internal Company Websites (Intranet)
    Communicating information to your employees can be a difficult process in larger organizations. Webbifi can create a website that allows you to share information only available to people within your organization. An Intranet can allow you to easily give staff access to your employee manual, internal statistics, shared financial information or anything else you desire you staff to have access to.
  • Site Administration Modules
    Site administration modules may have a content management system but also can serve a variety of other purposes. Many of our clients have used site administration modules to create email blasts, manage customer signups, edit advertiser lists, and manage banners ads.
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management Systems
    Many of the off-the-shelf software that companies use to manage their warehouse and inventory simply do not have the functionality the business needs. A custom warehouse or inventory management system would allow your company to have all the functionality it needs without the extra not-needed functionality the off-the-shelf software comes with. The greatest benefit is that the application will do exactly what you wanted from the start for it is designed to your expectations.
  • Financial Software Integration
    Companies are using a variety of software to manage their business financials. MAS200, QuickBooks, Great Plains, Microsoft Small Business Accounting are just some of the popular off-the-shelf software companies are using. The problem many businesses are experiencing is getting the information from their off-the-shelf software or custom application to their in-house financial suite. Webbifi can help integrate your internal application data with your financial software.
  • Point of Sale
    The current off-the-shelf Point of Sale system your company is using might not have all the functionality you need out of it. Webbifi can create a custom application that will give your staff an easy portal to checkout system. Whether you want an interface that can be used directly from the monitor or want to integrate your existing inventory management system for easy product selection, Webbifi will create a solution that is exactly what you need.
  • Event Management & Reservation/Scheduling Systems
    Whether you are a comedy club, pet sitting company, non-profit organization, or business holding a seminar, Webbifi can create an event management system that will allow you to schedule and accept reservations easily and securely. We have created many applications that allow the user to not only manage their event, but even use floor plans of the event to select seats for a reservation.
  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
    Managing your customers and their information can be a cumbersome task. With Webbifi, we can create a custom application that gives you the ability to manage your clients easily and effectively. Whether you need to run reports on customer financial data, send an email blast or schedule a task we have created CRMs that provide all the functionality our clients need.
  • Subscription/Membership Applications
    A website doesn't have to be a tool to simply generate credibility for your company; rather, it can be used to acquire new customers and save their information to your database. Webbifi can create this functionality for you, whether through a form that saves customer information or a newsletter signup that enables you to send weekly newsletter to interested customers.